Exclusive Analysis of the Politics, Economics, Military and Culture of China-US Relations.

CHINA US Focus - Exclusive Analysis of the Politics, Economics, Military and Culture of China-US Relations.

Should Washington Consider Accepting a Chinese Monroe Doctrine?

Should Washington Consider Accepting a Chinese Monroe Doctrine?

Ted Carpenter, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

The United States’ engagement policy toward China is a strategic step toward containing Beijing’s growing financial power and economic influence. However, with tension increasing between China and the United States, Carpenter heeds Washington to look for more sustainable engagement plans before advancing on what American scholars have coined “congagement”, in fear of erupting a larger Sino-American crisis.

Is China Really a Free Rider in the Middle East?

Jin Liangxiang, Research Fellow, Shanghai Institute of Int'l Studies

President Obama’s labeling of China as a “free rider” reveals that the US is actually expressing its frustration with the situation and with China’s unwillingness to join the US in its Middle East foray, writes Jin Liangxiang.

US-Africa Summit: Two Potential Areas for Cooperation

He Wenping, Senior Fellow, Chahar Institute

The US-Africa summit revealed America’s intention to catch up and compete with China in Africa, but it also conveyed a message of strengthening collaboration with China and promoting African development and security together, writes He Wenping.

Cyber-Snooping by China: Is Anyone Really “Shocked”?

Hugh Stephens, Fellow, Canadian Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute

Following allegations by the Canadian government that it had fallen victim to Chinese cyber-attacks, a Canadian couple was arrested in China on charges of espionage. Now, as China’s bilateral relations with Western nations continue to degrade, Hugh Stephens examines the current cyber-spying row and offers suggestions for dispute resolution to Canada, the United States, and Western companies operating in China.

Japan Cannot Disguise Its Past

Cai Hong, China Daily's Tokyo Bureau Chief

No matter how hard Japan tries to dress up the war as a valiant battle against colonial powers the truth of its aggression will not be denied, writes Cai Hong.

Japanese Defense White Paper Exposes Military Ambitions

Liu Junhong, Researcher, Chinese Institute of Contemporary Int'l Relations

Marking the 60th Anniversary of Japan’s self-defense forces, the recent release of the Japanese Ministry of Defense’s 2014 White Paper reviews Japan’s military over the past six decades and outlines a new blueprint to help the nation create a military superpower.

The Bumpy Road to China’s Shale Revolution

Michal Meidan, Director, China Matters

While China’s National Energy Administration recently revised its fuel-switching agenda, Michal Meidan points out that this policy alteration is not a sign that the government’s commitment to shale is wavering. Instead, the adoption of a more realistic target provides more stability for the industry and bolsters the future of natural gas in China.

China-US Trade Boosted by Moderate Growth in the US Economy

He Weiwen, co-director, China-US/EU Study Center, CAIT

Can moderate growth in the United States economy lead to a boost in Sino-U.S. trade? As He Weiwen explains, the United States’ rebounding economy provides greater opportunities to increase trade with China and could help the global economy as a whole.

The Balancing Act: Myanmar Between China and the US

Dan Steinbock, Director, India China and America Institute

After half a century of isolation, Myanmar’s seeks to sustain its reform momentum. It is a challenging balancing act amidst Chinese rebalancing and America’s pivot to Southeast Asia.

Alibaba Is a New Brightspot in China-US Relations

Li Zheng, Assistant Researcher, CICIR

Alibaba’s upcoming IPA shows that China’s economic rise will not only benefit the Chinese people, but also provide more opportunities for US and the world, writes Li Zheng.

China and the US: Similar Frustrations, Different Policies toward North Korea

Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute

Following a recent visit to China, Doug Bandow recounts a conversation with a colleague about instability in North Korea and how it affects U.S.-China relations.

Time to Rethink the China-Focused Pivot

Chen Xiangyang, Deputy Director, CICIR

Time to Rethink the China-Focused Pivot

As the United States continues its push into the Asia-Pacific and furthers its pivot or rebalance to the region, Chen Xiangyang urges U.S. policymakers to rethink their China-focused pivot in light of recent international developments.

Trends in China’s SOEs Reform

Ding Yifan, Deputy Director, China Development Research Center

While the global economic recovery is still weak and people are looking for a better market, the reform of Chinese SOEs and the opening of Chinese capital is positive news, writes Ding Yifan.

The Ends and Means of People to People Exchange

Sean Ding, Founder, Dialogue Group

Government agencies may contribute little to the already frequent exchanges between peoples of the U.S. and China – but where they can add real value is to help young leaders in both countries focus on more important things, such as climate change, terrorism, disease, and poverty.

China-US Relations: Rhetoric Or Reality?

Tom Watkins, Advisor, University of Michigan Confucius Institute

As the relationship between China and the United States remains the most important bilateral relationship in the world, Tom Watkins explores the way academic institutions and think tanks have shaped the Western perception of China.

Four Inexorable Trends in China’s Future Economy

Zhang Monan, researcher, China Int'l Economic Exchanges Center

Following three decades of reform and opening up, Zhang Monan examines China’s changing economy and presents four new characteristics that are shaping its perception.

On the Chessboard of the South China Sea

Zhai Kun, Director of World Political Studies, CICIR

On the Chessboard of the South China Sea

Regional tensions in Asia have precipitously increased as disputes in the South China Sea continue to grow. While Zhai Kun notes that the current escalation is controllable, future conflicts cannot be ruled out.

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